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Can you please assist us with the following?

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We have a need to migrate our existing collection of 64,000 images. Based on our last conversation with support, we understand that we need to upgrade to the enterprise plan to enroll these images and use them for facial matching. Can you please assist us with the following?

1. Upgrade us to the enterprise plan and charge the card on file.
2. Confirm that this method will allow us to match live faces.

Thank you,

Accepted Solution


Please find answer to your inquiry below:

  • Yes, once upgraded to the Enterprise Plan, you will be able to enroll users programmatically via your favourite backend programming language without passing by the FACEIO Widget.
  • We will be providing a Python code sample on how to do so, so you can start enrolling your existing user base without passing by the Widget.
  • Please confirm that you want to initiate the upgrade to the Enterprise Plan immediately.

We look forward to hearing back from you.