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How do you know when an user has been enrolled previously on my FACEIO application?

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Hello everyone,

I've been working with the FACEIO facial authentication framework for a while now, and I've come across a challenge that I hope some of you might have insights on. Specifically, I'm trying to determine if a user has been previously enrolled in my FACEIO application.

As we scale our platform, ensuring that users don't enroll multiple times becomes crucial. Duplicate enrollments could lead to potential security concerns and also create redundancy in our database.

What I've Tried:

Manual Checks: Going through the database manually, but this is not feasible as the user base grows.
Unique Identifiers: Using email or phone numbers as unique identifiers, but this doesn't prevent someone from using a different email to re-enroll.


1. Is there a built-in feature within FACEIO that flags or notifies when a face is being re-enrolled?
2. How do you handle duplicate enrollments in your applications, especially when users might use different credentials?
3. Are there best practices or third-party integrations that can assist in this process?

I'd greatly appreciate any insights or experiences you can share on this matter. Ensuring the integrity of our user base is paramount, and I believe many could benefit from this discussion.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

Warm regards,

Accepted Solution



That's a great question. I've been using FACEIO for some time now and can provide some clarity on this:

  • How do you know that an user has been enrolled previously? Upon a successful enrollment of a user, FACEIO generates a unique Facial ID, which is then returned to your application through the userData of the enroll promise. This process is well-documented in the integration guide
  • You save this Facial ID on your backend, and when a new user log onto your platform, you check if he has been assigned a Facial ID. If true (facial ID assigned), you present him the authenticate method to confirm his identity. Otherwise, this is a new user that has to enroll on your platform.
  • Put it simply, the Facial ID is a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) assigned anonymously by the underlying Facial Recognition Engine to each enrolled user on your FACEIO application, after its explicit consent. You can learn more about this ID via this link.