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Match Selfie Image with Face on ID Document

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I subscribed to the enterprise plan because, from what I read on the forum, it is the one that allows me to access the APIs to upload the user's image without having to do the enrollment through the JavaScript widget. My application requires facial recognition for some operations, and I have already tested and used the JavaScript widget, but I need to verify the correspondence of the registered user's face with their identity document. If I could create the faceID by uploading my user's face image, I would have solved the problem, which is why I asked you to enable the private APIs, so that I can verify that it is the solution I am looking for. I subscribed to the enterprise plan with a 19-day trial, hoping to implement all its functionalities on my app and test them.


Accepted Solution


Hi Enrico,

Thank you for reaching out. 

  • What you are looking for is verifying the user identity by matching his selfie image cached on the camera with the face on his ID document.
  • This is know as KYC, and the API endpoint you are requesting access to does not implement the feature your looking for.
  • Nevertheless, there is good news for you. FACEIO is releasing the verifyId() method for the Widget just like the enroll() method, but unlike enroll(), this method will be used to perform user KYC by requesting a selfie image first of the target user, then a capture of his document ID such as Passport, Driver License or ID Card.
  • The verifyId() method will then match the selfie image with the face on the captured ID document, and report the result back to your application via JavaScript Promise just like enroll().
  • The verifyId() method is going to be released on the upcoming days. We will notify you of the release prime time so you can start the integration phase ASAP;