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Questions about the face indexing features

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Dear FaceIO team,

Thank you for your support on our integration journey with FaceIO service.

We however have some enquiries about your face indexing feature and they are as follows;

1. why is a user able to enroll multiple times with the same face on the same application

2. is there any way for us to delete the already indexed faces as it is resulting into conflicts during authentication.

Thank you as you respond to this ticket.

Accepted Solution



I hope this message finds you well. To ensure you have all the information needed to effectively use FACEIO, I highly recommend reviewing our comprehensive developer guides available at FACEIO Documentation. You'll find answers to many common questions there which might prove quite useful.

Regarding your current support plan, please note that extensive personalized support is available with our Pro or Business Tier subscriptions. Upgrading may benefit your team significantly if you require more direct assistance.

For specific functionalities such as preventing multiple enrollments of the same individual, you can enable the “Prevent Same Person from Enrolling Twice or More” option. This setting is located under the Security Tab of the Application Manager on the FACEIO Console. Detailed guidance on this feature is available at Security Best Practices.

If you need to delete a previously enrolled individual, you can utilize the DELETEFACIALID API endpoint. You'll find comprehensive documentation on this and other API endpoints at FACEIO REST API. This could be handled with your preferred programming language.

Please ensure that your developers are thoroughly familiar with our documentation to avoid potential issues, such as those previously experienced with AWS Rekognition credentials. Accurate implementation of these guides will greatly streamline your development process and minimize time spent on troubleshooting.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are here to support you and look forward to seeing your successful implementation of FACEIO technologies.

Best regards,